Soho House Dynamic Yoga

Mon 19:30-21:00

Thurs 12:00- 13:00


This is an open class to all levels. A demanding yet doable class where you will sweat, stretch and strengthen as well as release stress and relax.

The class is 60 minutes and has a great musical soundtrack mixed by Steph.

Soho House Yoga Basics

Thurs 19:00-20:00


It is always good to learn about the basics, even if you are already a frequently practicing yogi.

In this 60 minute class, Steph will teach you about alignment benefits and history of the Yoga asanas. It is filled with a lot of information but will still not miss the fun.

Book a private Yoga Class with Steph

Mon – Sun 


Private classes are the origin of how yoga was taught.

It is the most effective way to learn about the asanas, the breathing techniques and meditation.

These classes are tailored to your individual need, pace and daily form.

 Steph has a unique way to teach with her hands. Her words and hands gently guide you through the teachings. The class ends with a professional neck massage with essential oils and optionally a mini reiki-healing.

Costs 80-180 Euros


Jivamukti Yoga

Sat 17:00-18:30


This is an advanced class taught in the Jivamukti method, in which Steph holds an advanced certificate. Steph was the first teacher to bring Jivamukti Yoga to Berlin in 2006 and has been teaching the New York based style since 2003.

You can expect a fast pace Vinyasa Class with challenging asanas that are taught in a very professional safe way.

Be ready to sweat, as well as release mental stress, toxins and unwanted patterns.



Wed 17:45

Thur 9:00

Fri 10:30




Twice a week Steph teaches prenatal yoga wow she learned it from the famous Gurmukh Kaur Khalsa. 

This class is a small group of maximum 5 mums which starts with a tea and chat to exchange about the changes the body goes through, during the different trimesters.

The postures and meditation are a nice mix between Hatha Yoga and Kundalini Yoga and have been a very successful way to prepare for birth as well as feel more strong and vital during pregnancy.



Wed 10:00

Wed 11:30

Fri  13:30


8 weeks after birth, we start slowly and carefully to re-stabilize the core and take tension out of the shoulders as well as strengthening  the nervous system and promote calm and ease together with other mums and babies.